August Jam Fest

Hello all,

Over the weekend I went a bit mad on the whole jam making fest (- sort of on the lines of Monica in “Friends”, but a slightly saner and without a Joey to eat my extras!). Pictures to follow, but here is a list of all the jams I made…

Apple and Blackberry
Apple and Raspberry
Apple and Blueberry
Blueberry and Cinnamon (my 2nd favourite!)
Blackberry and Lavender (need to add more lavender I think, but surprisingly nice result)
Very Berry (using equal quantities of Straw, Rasp, Blue and Black berries – very yum!)
Cherry Vanilla (My favorite – shall be making loads more of this one!)
Cherry Apple Cinnamon (Looking forward to using this one in jam tarts, very nice flavour)
Lemon Marmalade (I know, not really a jam, but similiar system)

I shall have to make another Cherry Vanilla as requested by my mother, who managed somehow to finish an entire jar overnight it seems, and another plain but delicious Cherry. I’m exhausted! But very proud of my stock of jam 🙂


Your thoughts and comments are appreciated, please feel free to say hi, and drop a line or 2 :)

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