The wonderful world of Lavender

Hello folks,

I have just this second discovered a web site regarding all good things lavender. Lavender in my opinion, is a much under used herbs in the culinary department and I want to do my bit to put things right. Did you know that you can use lavender in place of rosemary for many meat and savoury dishes? Check out this website and have a go yourself.

I am currently experimenting with lavender, having spent the weekend jam making – bored of that now so it is time for the lavender challenge! “Bored of jam?” you ask. Well you would be too if you made 18 different types of jam from scratch! Just as well I only have the erge to do it once a year. And I have another 2 to make tomorrow LOL. More of my jam fest soon.


One thought on “The wonderful world of Lavender

  1. I agree, lavender is very much under used in food. It goes very well in preserves/jams etc

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