“The Flood” Take That

The Flood, hmm. Where to do I begin? Well I suppose I had better come clean and state for the record that Take That (or TT as I like to call them) are my favourite band. So now that’s out of the way, I should review the single in a fair, honest and in a completely unbias matter as possible.


Opps! OK, ok maybe that is a tiny bit illustrative of my bias, but I am being honest. I am also very surprised at just how much I have enjoyed listening to this song.

The phrase ‘this has Robbie Williams written all over it’ does not go amiss here. Lead tracks on any albums are important. The Flood is best described as simply epic, and if you want epic, you bring in Robbie. From the gentle magical sounding introduction, through to Robbie’s powerful vocals, supported by Howard Donald’s criminally under rated vocals. Gary Barlow’s unmistakeable voice leads us to the rousing chorus, which wouldnt sound out of place in an arena.

Back to Robbie, making use of the spine tingling lyrics to draw us into the song, but this time supported by Mark Owen in the second verse. This duet includes the lyric “Watch your mouth son, or you find yourself floating home”. As the 2 youngest and apparently most troubled members of a band, which has had more than its fair share of ups and downs, it is perhaps fitting that these 2 sang arguably the strongest line in the song. Their voices more than suit it. Again Gary takes us to the bridge and including the rather delicious looking and delicate singing Jason Orange, we are back to the chorus.

I could write about this single for pages and pages, but I will spare you that and encourage you to listen for yourselves.

I can not praise this single enough. Finally after far too long a wait, all 5 members of a good band, have produced a song that includes each and every member. A song that launches the return of Robbie to the fold and more importantly, shows the world what TT should have been from day one, a band worthy of the title ‘Britain’s Best Band’. The boys have now turned into men, and if this is the standard of the forthcoming album, then it’s going to be a goodun!

Rating 5/5
Released 15 November 2010


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