Just in case you were wondering, Im looking forward to tomorrow, it being CHRISTMAS DAY! Yippee!

OK daft excitement over, on to the fun stuff. I have finally decided what my Christmas table is going to look like. I loosely based my tabl decorations on this video.

The only problem, I couldn’t match the colour scheme shown in the video with the decorations I had. The idea of going out to specifically buy the items on a project that was supposed to be on a budget, didn’t seem to make sense to me. So instead of the White, Silver and Green theme, I will have White, Gold and Cream. Oh and instead of a setting based on dinner, I’ve opted for Christmas tea setting. I’m trying to start a new trend. We always hear about Christmas dinner, but never about Christmas tea! Maybe it will catch on! Hmm!

Tip: As the sales have started, it may be an idea stock up on Christmas decorations now. Im going to buy different colours, including silver, so next year, whatever the colour scheme trend is, or whatever my home decor is like, I should be well prepared, at half the cost.

Here we go, hope you like it 🙂

Here is how I did it:-
The tea cups are filled with large matt gold baubles that I purchased during the Fortnums and Mason New Year sale a few years ago. The were reduced from £4 to £1. At 75% off, not a bad bargin I think! I purchased 4 shiny and 4 matt gold baubles as well as 3 clear baubles. The shiny a baubles were used, along with mini gold baubles for the individual place settings, as shown here:
I used the clear baubles to fill a glass vase. I also added some beaded snow flakes, I got free from a magazine eons ago. I never throw away that may be useful! To top off I added a bell decoration, which I purchased from a Christmas market in Germany. I finished of with a little gold star tinsel which as been in my Christmas box for years! Very useful stuff it is too!

The vase, candles, crockery, napkins, table runner and table cloth I also had in my collection, so I didnt inthe end have to spend any additional money. Unfortunately due to the rubbish quality of the flowers I had planned for the table, I couldnt use these. But I feel they would have added the finishing touch. The advantage of keeping the design simple means that there is more room for tea, cake and sandwiches.

I have made some other table top decorations, these posts will follow shortly. But for now, Im off to snack on my gingerbread 🙂


Your thoughts and comments are appreciated, please feel free to say hi, and drop a line or 2 :)

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