More Christmas decorating ideas.

If you grab yourself £2, go to your nearest spice wholesalers (not your supermarket, you will spend a fortune), and buy a large pack of cinnamon quills, you will end up with Christmas decorations, which not only smell lovely, but will last for years to come.

Now I save every thing, even the wired decorations from the Christmas crackers. Why?, you make ask. Because they are so useful!

These dull looking things when added to a little ribbon (also saved from Christmas crackers!) and be turned into this:-

I have a clear plastic cover over the candle. Please be candle safe! I use these candles for decorative puposes only, so they wont be lit. Other candles which I intend to use, would never have decorations added to them, for safety reasons.

Just twist the ribbon and wire decorations around 3 small cinnamon quills and place on your table. You can even add a longer ribbon and tie to your Christmas tree.

Need more flavoursome tea or coffee spoons? Here you go:-

All you need do is add some cinnamon sticks to a votive glass and add to your table. Easy peasy.


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