Draught excluder – the end…?

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Well I have finished – it may not be a work of art, but I think it looks pretty ok!  I have improved my stocking stitch, learnt  a new knitting stitch, used up some old wool that I had for ages, and have a new excluder to boot.  No more draughts and hopefully I can turn down the heating a degree ot 2, so making savings on my heating bills. 


I used an old bath towel as the inner for the excluder.  And I intend to embellish the excluder with …  ah well you will just have to watch this space!  I shall reveal all next month!  The thing is, by praticising my knitting I have undoubtedly saved money and recycled materials which would have added to the land fill.  It also means that I can knit more than just another boring old scarf! 


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