Lorraine Pascale – Baking Made Easy

Listen up folks, and listen good.  It is not often I get over excited about much these days.  Not unless it involves “Take That”.

Sorry I digress –  folks if you love to cook and especially if you love to bake, then you need to find out about the new kid on the block.  Her name is Lorraine Pascale and I believe she is THE name to watch in 2011 when it comes to the culinary arts.

I have just watched her first show, and within seconds I was hooked. Now I’ve been baking for a long time – I’m no professional, but I reckon I can hold my own.  But even I managed to learn a whole heap of new tricks in just 30 mins of watching her programme.  This woman is a genius.  A former super model, before turning her hand to baking, she was a plumber, interior designer, in short a jack of all trades and a master baker.  In fact she reminds me of me, but  100 times better.

Some people may suspect I’m a tad jealous – and they would be right! 😦

Heck I’m not ashamed, when there is true talent, you just have to shout it from the roof tops.  If you do nothing else this winter, watch Lorraine’s new show “Baking Made Easy”,  Mondays 8.30pm BBC2 (repeated BBC1 Saturdays 11.30am).  Dont forget to catch her on BBC iplayer as well.

Click here for Lorraine’s website http://www.lorrainepascale.com


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