How to make your own laundry powder

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With the cost of general household goods going up, I thought it would be a good idea to see if there were ways to cut down the cost of shopping for groceries, whilst helping the environment. I came across this recipe for making your own washing powder. Why not give it a try?  


Make Your Own Washing Powder
There are a few different recipes for making your own washing powder. Some contain borax, which when used in large volumes can be damaging for aquatic life. Therefore for the purposes of this article, an alternative washing detergent recipe has been provided. The ingredients used in homemade wa sh detergent include:  

Environmentally-friendly vegetable oil based unscented soap
Washing Soda Crystals
Essential Oil  

This recipe is really best for use straight in the washing machine drum. You will need a plastic storage tub with a capacity for around 4 litres (just over 7 pints) to contain the washing detergent.  

Using a large pan or stock pot, empty in around 1 pint of water and bring to the boil. Whilst the water is being brought to the boil, completely grate the bar of soap. This can then be added to be dissolved once the water has boiled. You must make sure that all the soap has been completely dissolved before taking off the heat.  

It is at this point that you can then add 250 mls (around 1 pint) of the washing soda crystals and around 20 drops of your chosen essential oil. Bear in mind that lavender essential oil has been linked to hormone disruption in young boys and possibly pregnant women.  

This recipe not only cuts out many of the unnecessary chemicals in commercial detergents, but when used in conjunction with an energy efficient appliance, makes for a more ecologically sound alternative.  



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