The true story of how an apron became a woolly hat!

… aka the quest to improve my knitting skills.

I was supposed to make a start on my much needed apron. The fabric had been selected, a design chosen, the notions collected. Everything was ready for me to make a durable, practical, yet still stylish garment, that would protect me from my spills and ills of crafting.

And yet I’m sitting here, thinking about hats.

Last night, after somewhat unusual procrastination, I had finished my design for the apron I wish to make. Then I turned towards my big bag of wool.

Now this big bag of wool is my nemesis, the cartoon level evil horror that sits in the corner of the room.  My big bag of wool contains various balls of yarn ranging from cashmere soft black, to chunky white spools  and everything in between. Nothing of course that could make a useful item on their own. Or so I thought.

I scouted around on the net, instead of going sleep (I really should stop that!) and came across a couple of sites which encouraged me to try to start knitting a hat. Now as you may know, I made a draught excluder earlier this month where I was able to practice stocking stitch and learnt how to do a rib stitch. To my surprise having literally doubled my knitting stitches, I have all the skills I required to knit a hat.

So here is my hat so far…

This is the address to the tutorial I’ m following:

I thought I would be able to make it with one ball of wool, sadly I was wrong. But on the plus side, I get to add a new colour. 😀

As this is intended to be my garden hat, for when the ground become less frozen, my thoughts turned to embellishments. After further scouting around on the net, I discovered this technique for making knitted flowers. I-cording is a useful way of using up odds bits of wool, and making them into pretty decorations.

I got started on a couple and here are the results after less than an hour from reading the instructions to completing the task.

The grey one will be used to decorate the draught excluder, the red one shall be used on my hat when completed.

Sadly my apron will just have to make do with applique!

And that is how the apron became a woolly hat! Please stay tuned, as I continue with my hat making project.


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