If you had to start a garden from stratch…

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… what would be in your top 10 must haves? 

Mine are: 

  1. Rose – to add colour and encourage bees
  2. Lavender – for cooking and to attract beneficial insects
  3. Basil – for cooking
  4. Thyme – for cooking
  5. Potatoes – for cooking
  6. Pansies – for colour and cooking! (details to follow shortly :))
  7. Raspberries – My favourite soft fruit
  8. Blackberries – My other favourite fruit
  9. Tomatoes – where would we be without toms!
  10. Apple Trees – you cant make an apple pie without them

and a very cheeky 11) Bay tree 🙂 Helps to flavour so many dishes. 

I have just started looking at the garden catalogues, and this year as one of my many resolutions, I plan to completely overhaul my little plot and make it less urban wilderness, more peaceful oasis.  

It is going to be an interesting adventure! 


4 thoughts on “If you had to start a garden from stratch…

    1. Hello, I’ve never heard of 4 o’clocks, I will have to look those up! Hollyhocks dont seem to grow very well in my garden, but I will work on that. Morning glories, not really a fan, they remind me too much of bindweed!

      Many thanks for your suggestions 🙂

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