The Big (and a tiny bit scary) Bag of Wool

…aka the Woolly Nemesis!  Here it is!


To me, this looks scary.  I would like to find ways to use up all the wool in a useful way.  I have already made plans to make another woolly hat, but there are only so many hats you can wear at the same time!

So if you have any suggestions as to what a novice but keen knitter can make with multiple kinds of different coloured yarn, please can you kindly let me know?  Thanks 🙂

As promised, here is my decorated hat.

Decorated Woolly Hat

I used a knitted i-cord as a band for my hat.

Knitted I-cord

I decided against the i-cord flower, as I thought it would be too bold for such a little hat. However I’m now thinking, (when I finally get rid of all this wool!) of crocheting a little flower to go on the front. Just have to do a few things first, such as build a garden, publish some more recipes and photographs. Oh and learn how to crotchet.

The draught excluder was adorned with an i-cord flower and pictures will be posted shortly.

I think I’m getting to like this knitting lark.


2 thoughts on “The Big (and a tiny bit scary) Bag of Wool

  1. look on they have an option that will only show you patterns that use “X” amount of yarn. so you can tell it how much of what weight yarn you have and it will give you ideas/patterns that fit with in your specifications. another idea and what I used as teaching projects for a friend is a book called “Amagarumi Knits” by Hansi Singh, it is a very well laid out book with a variety of small knitting projects and very clear instructions for any techniques that could be new to you.

    Good Luck

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