Garden Resolutions: The work begins

An Assortment of Garden Tools
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Well I have a rather dubiously long list of plants I would like to grow.  To add to my to-do list: 

  1. Check all garden tools are in a good state of repair
  2. Accurately measure the garden, identify all the unknown plants and shrubs, check soil type and ph
  3. Work out possible problem areas – ie too shady areas, and find solutions
  4. Research hard building materials (ie paving slabs, sleepers, bricks, pots etc)
  5. Research planting mediums, compost making, wormeries, etc
  6. Research alternatives to common garden chemicals
  7. Research garden sheds and furniture
  8. Research possible legal issues (ie right to light)
  9. Draw a garden plan and budget
  10. Start planting!

As I go along, this list will change; edited, increased, redone etc.  But as the saying goes, if you dont plan, you plan to fail.  

It’s going to be an interesting adverture! 


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