Crafting resolutions for 2011



My aim this year is to complete as many of the following crafts as possible.  Alongside my main goal of designing and building my garden, there are a number of craft projects I would like to learn and complete.  Here follows my goals for 2011;

  1. Improve my knitting skills (DONE: January)  
  2. Knit something other than a scarf (DONE: January)
  3. Learn how to make a cardboard loom
  4. Make an item using the weaving technique
  5. Make a felt ruffle (circle) cushion
  6. Make 2 felt rosette cushions
  7. Learn how to crochet
  8. Make crocheted items, including flower decorations
  9. Matching sewing craft set: needle book, large wrist pin cushion, sewing box, etc
  10. Design and make a pair of slippers
  11. Make some clothes – tops, trousers, skirts
  12. Make a kitchen apron (and not another hat!), and matching kitchen set
  13. Make a garden set: kneeler, apron, bag, tool store, tin plant pots, cushions etc
  14. Design and make a mosaic table
  15. Make a quilt
  16. Make a kite (I know a weird one, but Ive always wanted to make and fly a kite!)

I also have some cooking goals which include;

  1. Publishing my cook book (finally!)
  2. Learn to make Seville orange marmalade
  3. Design and bake the ultimate “wow!” factor cake (and yes it is more than likely to consist of chocolate!)
  4. Develop recipes for celery seed, other than celery salt!
  5. Start and complete writing a new cook book
  6. Cook and photograph everything from the “Baking Made Easy” by Lorraine Pascale, for this blog
  7. Visit the Primrose and Ella Bakeries and the Jane Asher store (and not try to buy the entire contents of said stores)
  8. Visit the Wholesfood Store and spend less than the price of a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes (yeah, right! LOL)
  9. Make a salad with edible flowers and herbs from my garden
  10. Stop making lists and start doing all of this stuff

… opps!


Your thoughts and comments are appreciated, please feel free to say hi, and drop a line or 2 :)

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