Lorraine Pascale – Ella’s Bakehouse

I ventured out to make a special visit to Ella’s Bakehouse.  I have to say, this is one, if not the best cupcake shops I have visited in London and I have visited a few!

Situated in Covent Garden, Ella’s Bakehouse serves  a delicious mix of classic 50’s chic decor with contemporary cupcakes, hot and cold beverages, all wrapped up small but cute café shop.

Good points:  A surprisingly wide range of cupcakes favours and drinks, definitely something for everyone.  Excellent, efficient and very friendly service.

Bad points:  Very busy at lunchtime, ok in the summer when you can sit outside, but not so good if you have loads of shopping bags and long legs.  Sorry Lorraine, but you need a bigger shop!

Favourite cupcake: Carrot! Yum yum

Score 4/5

For more information check out http://ellasbakehouse.co.uk/



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