I’ve been knitting again! – Bamboo Stitch

Since getting caught in the snow the other day, I haven’t been feeling very well.  But my new found joy of knitting helped me in my quest to do something more useful and less boring than watching TV. 

As much as I had enjoyed knitting hats, I sought something more adventurous and trendy.  I spotted a few of those nice ear warmers and headbands, and after recovering from the shock prices (I saw one for nearly $200!) http://us.asos.com/Rike-Feurstein-Rike-Feurstein-Headband/vtkg5/?iid=1236178&utm_source=google_product_search&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=google_product_search&xr=1&mk=na&r=3&mporgp=L1Byb2Qv), I decided I should have a go. I did a little research as I wanted to do something more substantial than garter or stocking stitch.  I also wanted to give the item an expensive designer look.

Cue bamboo stitch –


Above is a tutorial for bamboo stitch, and below is the finished article.

I had cast on 24 stitches, used a whole ball of cream coloured wool and 6mm needles. Then I simply hand stitched the 2 ends together, to form the headband.  I’m very pleased with the result and I think this is my favourite of the 3 items I have made so far.  I’m determined to get rid of my scary big bag of wool by the end of the year, and so far, so good!


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