(Virtually) Free Herb Plants

Basil plant leaves.
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On a recent food shopping trip, I noticed that there is an increasing array of fresh, potted grow herbs. “Hmm!” I thought. I’m quite good at growing basil, but as I am currently planning a massive garden overhaul, I’m also looking for ways to make savings.

So I purchased a strong looking basil plant and started on my little experiment.

Growing basil cuttings is as easy as falling off a log. In fact, the only herb that is easier to grow from cuttings, that I can think of, is mint. Many a time I have taken cuttings from seemingly dead mint plants, to find a new vigorously growing herb a few days later.

So on with the basil cuttings. Here is a list of the equipment you need –

  • Basil plant
  • a small jam jar or similar vessel
  • cling film
  • clean and sharp pair of scissors

Fill the jam jar with water, and cover the top with cling film. Make 3 to 5 small holes in the cling film to allow for the cuttings. Try not to add more than 5 cuttings, to allow enough room for them to grow.

Take cuttings from the basil (for instructions on how to take cuttings, please click here http://www.gardeningknowhow.com/herb/propagating-basil.htm).

Place the cuttings through the holes in the cling film, and then place the jar on a sunny, draught-free window sill. In a few weeks you should have some free(ish) well established grown cuttings, which you can then pot on.

Here’s a link for rooting herb cuttings using a more conventional method –http://www.bbc.co.uk/gardening/basics/techniques/propagation_takeherbcuttings1.shtml

Let me know if you have other ways or ideas of obtaining free plants – legal methods only please!


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