The things you can do with a simple bay tree!

Laurus nobilis, Lauraceae, Bay Laurel, True La...
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Aren’t herbs expensive! A packet of bay leaves cost £1.50 in my local shop.  I worked out that if I wanted 100g of bay leaves I would have to fork out at east £25! OK so the likelihood of ever needing 100g of bay leaves is remote at best, but still, it’s a lot of dosh for a few leaves!

A bay tree costs around £9, they grow quickly, you can shape them, train them against a wall, grow them as a standard etc.  Because they are evergreen, they provide year round interest, their leaves are ready available for a variety of culinary uses 24/7, and are pretty hard to kill. 

They are not that hard to propagate, so if you can nab a couple of cuttings from your friends, do so. Not only that, they are a great food gift.  Just air dry the leaves, place them in a glass jar, decorate with ribbon and you have a simple gift.

You can also use the leaves to help repel moths and insects, especially in pantries and other food storage areas.

With so many uses, I’m looking at my bay tree in a different light!


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