Customised evening bag


This is a simple idea to ensure your accessories stay on trend, without spending a fortune.

Raspberry and Teal were 2 of my favourite colours of the Autumn (Fall)/Winter colour palette.  However, like many people, I didn’t want fork out a lot of money for an item that I could only fashionably wear for 1 season. 

Taking a plain, inexpensive evening bag, and a large Raspberry pink hair band, I updated my old evening bag, only spending £3 and 15 minutes sewing time.

As you can see below, I used a hair band purchased from a local jewellery and accessories store. These tend to be cheaper than buying from haberdasheries, and you often don’t have to compromise on quality. 

Using a hair band as a bag embellishment gives you a few options. You can remove the elastic band and attach the flower onto the bag using a hot glue gun.  Alternatively,  you can  leave the elastic on and use it to attach the flower to the bag, depending on the construction of your bag, using a few slip stitches.   It means that you can reuse the flower as a hair band at a later date, and add a different embellishment to your bag, when the mood takes.

Here is the finished product.  Wear this with a plain black cocktail dress, heels and you are good to go 🙂  All this for a price of a cup of tea.


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