Garden lessons #2: It rains when you don’t want it to!


Source: lesson #1; when it says frost-resistant on a terracotta pot, it doesn’t mean it is frost proof!, I have learnt another lesson.  It rains. 

Yes I know, this is more than obvious to just about everyone on the planet, but hear me out.  Not in the hope your conclusion will change, just hear me out!

I leaped out of bed this morning, excited by the prospect of planting my wonderful rose hedge.  I have visions of sitting beside a row of pink Queen Elizabeth roses, sipping tea from a china cup, eating biscuits with my scary bag of wool and knitting needles by my feet.  The sun is shining and the glorious scent of rose dancing in the gentle breeze on a Summer’s day.

Keen on making this dream come true, I threw open the curtains to be received by bright sunshine, ran into the bathroom (something you should never do!), showered, changed into my garden clothes (Gok Wan would cry if he saw me) and almost flew to the garden door. 

By which time the heavens had opened, the garden was soaked and that was the end of my plans to plant my rose hedge. 

Still, with everything happening in Japan at the moment, I’m grateful for the rain, I’m grateful that my problems are trival, but sad that so many are suffering and are in pain.  Sometimes we get too much of the things we think we want. 

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  Source:



3 thoughts on “Garden lessons #2: It rains when you don’t want it to!

  1. A very delightful post; of course, up until the last few sentences. Lovely photos as well. Hope you get to garden tomorrow. For me,lately the wind lately takes my bin full of garden debris clear across the lawn. So, hopefully it’ll be a better gardening day for both of us tomorrow.

    1. Many thanks petalpusher (nice name btw). Sometimes, like everyone, I get annoyed when my plans don’t work out. Major events such as the tragedy in Japan tends to put things into perspective. I must learn not to worry about the small stuff, and be grateful for everything else.

      I managed to do some gardening today, and finished planting the rose bushes. I’m thinking of making the hedge into some sort of tribute to Japan, not sure how yet. All that fuss I made and it was only delayed by a few hours!

      I can imagine your frustration with the garden debris, I hope the weather improves for you too. Happy gardening 🙂

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