Nettle Brew! (or how to make free garden fertiliser)

Don’t worry, this isn’t a recipe for some intoxicating concoction. or some strange potion. Rather, it is an easy to make garden fertiliser, to boost your flowers, plants and vegetables.  What’s more, it’s free!

If you have loads of the prickly pesky plants growing in your garden, don’t just dig them up.  Find the biggest lidded container you can find, I have used an old plastic can.  First, carefully gather as many nettles as possible, chop them up and place in the container. Next fill the container to  the top with water.  Close the lid and leave to brew for at least 3 weeks.

I must warn you, this stuff stinks to high heaven, so when you open the container, make sure you have a peg on your nose.  Here is a link detailing how to make nettle fertiliser

This liquid fertiliser is particularly good for nitrogen hungry plants, such as tomatoes.  You should dilute the mixture before use, I tend to use 1 part nettle fertiliser to 4 parts water.  Not only is this marvellous stuff free, but it gives great satisfaction to know that I have made this from materials I had to hand, and in turn, I am using less chemicals.  Another budget and more importantly, environmental saving.


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