Garden Weekly (week 3)

Hello and

Happy last day of Winter Day!

Well it’s week 3 already – gosh time is certainly flying.  My daffodils have yet to make an appearance, but the herb cuttings have begun to root. 

I’m very happy with the progress of these, I will hopefully have a good crop of basil and mint this year.  I will be taking more cuttings, when they are a little more established.  It’s so nice getting virtually free stuff that you can eat 🙂 You can just about see the roots developing on the basil, not so much in the mint picture – my fault, didn’t get the angle right! The cuttings are about 3 weeks old now.  They should be ready to plant out in about 4 more weeks, when all risk of frost has gone.

I have been finalising my plans for the veggie patch, and managed to reduce my laughably long short list down to the following:


Potatoes (4 varieties)




I have also been eyeing up a couple of tayberry bushes (a cross between blackberry and raspberry), cherry trees and “Redlove” apple trees to replace an apple tree I had to chop down.  Of course I don’t have any room for any of them, but a little thing like that’s not going to stop me! 

Note to self:  I don’t own Kew Garden

Note to self: I have a very small budget, and have already probably overspent!

Note to self: Stop making notes to self and stop over ordering – you are not Monty Don!

I have still to choose which variety of tomato to grow, but I think for aubergines, I’m going for aubergines (egg plant) “moneymaker”.  Having nearly gone out of mind trying to choose which variety of aubergine, I’m plumping for moneymaker, because I know the tomato variety moneymaker is very productive.  Weak link I know, but it was either that or risk going mad.

Now for the tomatoes – and with several 100’s to choose from, I have narrowed it down to outdoor varieties, namely because I don’t own a greenhouse! I like plum, large, cherry and medium sized toms, so I reckon that has reduced the field to about 500 types.  I think I need to make a very large pot of tea! Wish me luck!

I adore productive weekends. I have just this very moment taken a blueberry cake from the oven (recipe and photos published tomorrow ;)), planned my veggie patch, sort of decided what to grow in my vegetable pots and caught up on my gardening shows for the week.  I even managed to plant some summer flowering blubs the other day.  I think my fingers are beginning to turn green. Either that or I shoud stop handling the plant food.


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