Fitness Tips by Jeanette Jenkins

Having stepped on the bathroom scales just over a week ago and to my horror realised that I weigh heavier than most elephants, I decided it may be about time to don on the trainers and get moving.  So far I’ve managed to lose a few pounds, the jeans are a little more roomy, and I’m on target regarding my weight loss plan.

But with all the gardening and extra work I’ve been doing, every single bone in my body aches like it has never ached before.  Am I doing too much?  Of course I am.  They don’t call busyellebee for nothing!

Just discovered these fitness videos by Jeanette Jenkins on YouTube, and hope to try some of them out soon.  Jeanette is the fitness guru to the stars.  She has helped train a number of high profile celebrities including Kelly Rowland.  The way I see it, if it’s good enough for Kelly…  Enjoy 🙂


Your thoughts and comments are appreciated, please feel free to say hi, and drop a line or 2 :)

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