Garden weekly (week 7)

Here’s the weekly garden update, the rockets have yet to be planted, but the crop of plastic bottles is coming along lovely. 🙂

No I haven’t taken leave of my senses, or taken to the cultivation of water bottles.  Well not yet anyway.  It is still very changeable weather, and as I haven’t got a greenhouse, I had no option but to plant out my little lavenders, blue poppies and wallflowers. In anticipation of this, for weeks I have been saving all my plastic water bottles.  To make some into cloches, all I did was to cut off the bottoms.  Hopefully, these will provide some shelter from any unexpected frosts, or any crafty and greedy slugs.  I have a few bottles left which I shall make into funnels or more cloches as required.

Oh and the rockets as you would have already guessed, refers to the lettuce variety not the space kind.

My new apple tree finally arrived yesterday, so this morning I started to prepare the ground.  Normally when I dig a hole, I come across some pebbles, stones, the odd brick, some weeds, and bits and bobs.  2 digs in, I unearthed a baguette.  Yes you read that right, a baguette.  I took me a few seconds to register the fact that I had actually dug up a whole French stick.  It makes a change from the stones I suppose, but either someone is playing a very weird joke, or the squirrels in my neighbourhood have suddenly become upmarket.  If the latter is correct, couldn’t they have buried a few gold coins instead? 

Out came the baguette, and a few hundred stones, and in went the compost and the new tree.  It was supplied bare root, so I thought it best to soak it overnight in a bucket of water.  It still looks in a very sorry state, I’m a little worried about it to be honest. 


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