Ouch, my green fingers hurt!

I’ve been up since the crack of dawn – a mistake I will not be repeating any time soon, and have spent literally hours in the garden.  Did you know that it takes 3 hours of back breaking work to sieve the soil from a vegetable patch? Essential if you plan to sow seeds to achieve best results. The good side is I now have enough rocks, stones and pebbles to build a 6ft wall.  Still. at least I didn’t dig up any more French sticks. Not sure the fox who obviously visited last night was very happy though, and showed his disgust by knocking down some of my plastic bottle plant cloches.  Well to Mr Fox I say, “TOUGH, now please go away”.

Sowed today, eventually, were 2 types of tomatoes – ‘Alicante’ (medium sized fruits), a plum tomato (name escapes me! oops), 2 rows of carrots (Autumn King), and 2 rows of parsnips.  I also finally managed to sow in a window box some rocket seeds.  I’m especially looking forward to those, as their peppery flavour really spices up salads.

On my garden adventures, I have learnt the importance of a stout pair of garden gloves.  With the various wildlife visiting my urban jungle – some of them welcome, others not so much, it is vital to get yourself the best possible quality gloves you can.  If nothing else, they will protect you from nettle stings, thorns and other attacking shrubs.  These plants take no prisoners, believe me!  Neither do they show any form of mercy to the novice gardener.  You have been warned!

Still, I’m encouraged by the progress I’m making, everything is looking green, glossy and healthy.  So, now I just have to wait for the burst of summer colour, and my green fingers to stop hurting.  Where did I put my Arnica gel?


2 thoughts on “Ouch, my green fingers hurt!

    1. Hi Lucy, thanks for the comment and link. Mind you it’s still very early days, so I haven’t had enough time to kill anything yet! My new apple tree sadly may be the first candidate.

      Please keep your fingers crossed for the tree, I’ve planned to make several apple pies, so it’s essential that it survives!

      Gardening is not exactly my forte either, but I’m having a jolly good go this year – as I do every year, with varying degrees of failure! LOL

      Best wishes 🙂

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