Vintage at Southbank Centre

Well Vintage is certainly a day to remember, for all the wrong reasons.  The ticket price is £60 for entrance into the Royal Festival Hall, you have to pay extra for the revues.  I was not impressed by the price or the attractions in the Hall.  I was however very impressed with the free events outside the Hall, in particular the Roof garden, the Vintage High Street and the numerous food stalls.

There were 2 fashions shows, the first began as a disorganised mess.  I really don’t understand why you would dedicate a huge space as a dance floor from opening time.  Who wants to dance at lunch time in the middle of a Hall, in front of complete strangers? Very few people would ever have the bottle to do that.  This proved even more ridiculous when there was a mad rush as the organisers tried to hastily set out the chairs for the fashion show, which was due to start at 2.30pm.  Needless to say it didn’t.  There was no commentary to accompany the fashion show, so I can’t even tell you what up and coming new designer to keep any eye out for.  Missed opportunity for the British Fashion Council – yet again!

The 2nd fashion show, the organisers wised up and placed barrier tape to prevent the rush for the chairs.  However the show was a complete and utter shambles, so much so, I didn’t even bother to watch all of it and instead went to take my reserved seat at the Phuture Electronic revue.

The music revue was brilliant, I will post photos and my review about that tomorrow. It certainly made up for the inadequacies of the first part of the day.

The event was organised by Red or Dead co-founder Wayne Hemingway, so I expected a show case of fashions thru the ages from 1920s to 1980s.  Sadly, there were only a couple of small clothes shops in the Hall, which literally had no space to swing a cat.

It would have been far better to forgo the dance floor until later in the evening when folks would be in a mood to boogie, and use that space for dedicated fashion show.  It would have also been nice to have themed fashion shows for each decade from the 20s to the 80s.

Instead of the VIP area on the top floor, which again seemed to be unnecessary extravagance, an organisation, like the V & A or a fashion school, could have had a history exhibition displaying artwork, clothing, household items, decoration schemes etc, from each decade.

The entire thing felt like a jumbled mess. If you are planning on going tomorrow and Sunday, just make sure you leave plenty of time to enjoy the free events. Only pay for the Vintage ticket if you want to see the music revue, in which case you will have to pay to enter Vintage anyway, or if you have an interest in fashion shows, although in the latter, I would be tempted to save my money.

Rating 1 out of 10


4 thoughts on “Vintage at Southbank Centre

  1. Thanks for your comments Alice. I’m still very miffed about the entire thing. Glad to hear you enjoyed the 50’s rock and roll theme room and the Torchclub. Let’s hope they review the ticket prices for next year!

  2. I have to agree with your review, I felt that the organisation was a bit shambolic, but I did enjoy dancing in the Torchclub room and the 50’s rock and roll themed room. Should have been a lot better for the high ticket price

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