Vintage @Southbank – Foodie’s Delight

Just a few pictures here, and a couple of recommendations;

The Hog Roast sandwich was delicious.  OK so it’s £5 for a sandwich, but what a sandwich.  At the risk of sounding like Joey from ‘Friends@, you get a lovely ciabatta bap, a subtle tasting apple sauce, plenty fresh, crunchy rocket, the most delectable slices of pork topped off with yummy crackling.

So what if your waistline will take a beating, your taste buds will thank you.  I would have taken a picture, but I was too busy enjoying my sandwich to remember – sorry.

I did however remember to take a photo of these Churros.

These are a Mexican (or Spanish) favourite, not too dissimilar in taste and texture to doughnuts, which are gently sprinkled with sugar, cinnamon and served with a chocolate dipping sauce. I would have preferred a more thicker sauce to coat the Churros, but I’m still happy to recommend them. Cost £4, enough to serve 2 people.  I had to take some home as I couldn’t manage all. Here is a link to a fab looking recipe –

I purchased a bottle of St Germain, which is a great tasting elderflower liqueur.  I’m already dreaming up loads of recipes, including elderflower sorbet, elderflower cupcakes. With the bottle came a booklet of cocktail recipes.  I’m not sure if I will be testing these, but I may be able to get a few ideas for cake flavourings.  I shall of course keep you posted.

The food market was one of the free highlights of the festival, and one where I hope to be able to revisit – if nothing else for the great sandwich. Simply Wow!!! 😀


Your thoughts and comments are appreciated, please feel free to say hi, and drop a line or 2 :)

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