Yummy Yogurt

Hello all,

It has been a funny old week so far, with things happening that shouldn’t, but while some choose to act in the most strangest of ways, I choose to cook.

Today I made a tomato pie, apple strudel, apple and blackberry crumble, apple and raspberry crumble  and green vegetable pie – recipes which I will share in due course.  But for now I will talk about yogurt. There is a link I promise 🙂

Why yogurt? Because being on a diet I can’t indulge in full fat cream, so yogurt has to be the substitute of choice.  I usually make my own, but I would like to recommend Rachel’s yogurt for being very yummy.  They have a thick, rich, creamy texture and taste absolutely fab.  My favourite favours so far are coconut, the new vanilla, which unlike most brands of vanilla yogurt actually does taste of vanilla, and the limited edition ginger.  The last one is particularly wonderful with stewed apple, apple strudel (there’s the link LOL) or on it’s own. Please keep this favour Rachel, it’s so nice!

So there you go, while some people loot, start fires and cause mayhem, I bake

Keep calm and drink tea!

Till next time 🙂


Your thoughts and comments are appreciated, please feel free to say hi, and drop a line or 2 :)

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