I wish they would ban QVC!

It is amazing the amount of excuses I can come up with to justify getting a new bag.  Here are just a few of them I came up with today.

1 ) I’ve worked hard, I deserve a treat

2 ) It matches with the shoes…I’ve yet to buy

3 ) Bags are always useful, and you can never have too many bags, even you have long run out of space to store them

4 ) I haven’t got a bag in that colour (if you don’t count the 5 bags I have in that colour!)

5 ) It’s a bargain, it’s a TSV, on easy pay! (I’m not so sure my bank manager will agree)

6 ) It’s big

7 ) But not too big

8 ) It’s small

9 ) But not too small

10 ) It’s Lulu Guinness, it will last…. (at that price it had better do!)

I came up with those in about 4 minutes.  It took me longer to order the bag or should I be honest and say 2 bags!

The bags in question? 

The Navy bag is to go with the dress that I have yet to wear, but I wasn’t going to let a little thing like that stop me. But I shall also be attempting to justify the cost by teaming it with indigo jeans and a classic white shirt. The black is to go with my mini collection of LBDs.  It can also be used for work, but as I like to keep high fashion and my work separate, I shall be saving this gem for special occasions.

The bag also comes in red and stone colourways. I very nearly convinced my self that I should get these too but commonsense kicked in.  Sadly not quick enough for the other 2 but you can’t have everything.  I’m not a big wearer of red, so I know the bag would just still in the bag of the wardrobe looking pretty.  The stone colourway however was a little harder to discard as I like neutral palettes.  In the end it was again the fact that this would languish in the back of the cupboard. Although it would go lovely with a pair of smart, plain black trousers and a white t-shirt.  It would also co-ordinate with my stone coloured dress…. what was that order number again?

Oh dear!  They really ought to think about banning QVC, it’s detrimental to my financial health!

The Lulu Guinness Canvas Polka Dot Franka Bag is available exclusively on QVCUK.com


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