Denim mania


The new big thing in fashion these days are the perennial old favourite denim.  There have been a number of features in the fashion magazines celebrating the fabric in all mannerisms.  For me, who didn’t start wearing jeans until well into my teens, I’m still to be convinced that jeans are the bee’s knees.  For many, denim trousers are the all too easy go to ubiquitous option.  But with a few accessories, you can make denim your own.

Here I added an old honeysuckle scarf, a moonstone necklace, and teamed a short sleeved oversized shirt with bootcut jeans, in a dark denim colourway.  Simple, elegant styling that can take you from grocery shopping, to casual lunching with friends. An extremely versatile look, by changing your bag and footwear, you can go from a daytime to evening look.  So much more interesting than just pulling on an old t-shirt and jeans.

I tend to stay away from light coloured or stone washed jeans as it seems to ‘date’ quicker and look less elegant than dark jeans. Colourful jeans are also trending, but somehow I don’t think canary yellow coloured jeans are going to be as popular in 6 months time. However if you wanted to inject some colour, all you have to do is add a brightly coloured scarf, or a couple of bangles, and you’re good to go.

As you can see above a simple orange belt and matching nail varnish can be all that’s needed to give a denim outfit some ‘pop’.  A nice little bag or a fancy hair band can do wonders to liven up a plain pair of jeans.

I another thing I do when I go for denim – don’t buy anything over £50.  It isn’t worth it.  Sure you can indulge in a £250 pair, but what is the point?  Wouldn’t you rather invest in a £250 suit?  With the best will in the world, a pair of jeans can not get you into an interview for a desk job at Business Corp.  A well made pair of cheaper jeans, can be dressed up or down as you please, and if they get a little worn, it’s no biggie.  Jeans are not meant to be taken that seriously, so I can’t justify the expense.

Not keen on jeans? How about a denim jacket? Here I can justify the expense.  Be very picky about a denim jacket. If you find one that fits well and suits you, buy 2!  You can again dress up a denim jacket or down, and tend not to date as quickly as other fashionable items.  Team with a black top and trousers and a cute necklace and you all set for a night out on the town.  Add a pretty flower brooch and you have a fun day time Spring/Summer look.  Wear with a skirt and knee length boots and you have a great Autumn/Winter outfit. A well made jacket can take you from ‘rock chick’ to ‘urban chic’, so if you absolutely must spend a fortune, a  jacket is where the extra cash should go.


Your thoughts and comments are appreciated, please feel free to say hi, and drop a line or 2 :)

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