Ever wanted to learn how to decorate cupcakes?

Hello all,

I discovered this during my recent thrall on the information super highway. Nice little video showing how to pipe a rose decoration on a cupcake. Don’t limit yourself to just cupcakes, I’m sure there are loads of interesting and fun ways to incorporate this on other desserts. If you come up with any, please share with us. Thanks and enjoy!


Cupcake roses using a flower tip

  • Twist the icing bag and grip between your thumb and index finger. Place the other hand at the bottom of the bag and use this to guide the tip.
  • Starting in the middle of the cake let the icing fall onto the cake. Then pipe over this icing in a spiral action, over piping what you already piped by about a millimetre or two.  When you reach the end of your swirl and you have covered the cake release and gently pull.
  • Sometimes the join is quite neat, however if it isn’t you can use a sugar flower or leaf to cover it.

4 thoughts on “Ever wanted to learn how to decorate cupcakes?

  1. Fantastic tips, but where do you find a piping nozzle large enough? On Amazon, the only large nozzle I can find says it’s for piping mashed potato!

    1. Hello,
      Have you tried Lakeland? The actual nozzle doesn’t have to be very large to create these icing effects – perhaps the large nozzle you found could be used for icing cupcakes. It may be worth a try 🙂

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