So potatoes are this week’s super food? Double the chips please!

Oh for goodness sakes, whatever next? I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of all these so called super foods.  It usually means there is a financial reason behind it!  To me all foods are super foods.  It just depends on how you prepare and eat it.  Moderation is the key here, don’t eat chips fried in lard everyday, eat some fresh fruit and vegetables, exercise regularly and you are more or less on the right track.

Anyway, by sheer coincidence, I harvested the main crop of my potatoes this morning and here they are!


The ones in the trug on the right are Pink Fir Apple potatoes, the ones on the left are Charlotte and the red skinned variety are Red Baron.  There were more Red Barons, but some were dug up at the end of July and the majority of them were eaten by moi! This is the first year I have grown red potatoes, and this variety produced medium to large tubers, which tasted great in soups, mashed, roasted, baked – you name it, I cooked it!  Very yummy, nutty taste and so versatile.  They also kept remarkably well, considering I just left them in a bowl on the counter top.  I shall definitely be growing these again.

The Charlotte potatoes were a mixed blessing – I was able to harvest them from the end of July continuously until this morning.  The leaves on the potato plants were beginning to look rather suspect and so I decided not to risk it and dug them all up.  Most of the tubers were fine, but a fair number had been attacked by pests.  Although a lovely salad potato to grow, I think I shall restrict these to pots, especially as the yield was not as high as I had hoped.  Mind you, I’m still very pleased with the result.

But by far, my old favourite once again knocked the socks off the competition.  Pink Fir Apples, are my favourite potato to grow.  No fuss, no bother, and you always get more potato for your penny.  This little lot came from just 12 tiny, and I mean tiny tubers. The picture does not do justice to just how many potatoes I dug up this morning.  I now have more potatoes than I know what to do with. Message to family members – do not buy any potatoes for the next couple of weeks!

With my little glut of spuds, according to the science bods, I shall be eating healthy for a good while. It seems to have been a good year for potatoes, if I managed to get all of these from this little plot, then I wonder how everyone else did?

…..Oh the penny has dropped!  There must be a glut of potatoes on the market, hence the sudden super food status.  Figures!

Still I know I haven’t sprayed them with any chemicals, they are ultra fresh and very tasty. And I still have a couple more tubs of potatoes to harvest, which hopefully should be ready once I finish today’s crop.  Not bad, even if I do say so myself! 😀





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