Putting salt into our daily bread

No extra salt was added in the making of this tasty bread!

I don’t have many bug bears, I’m fairly easy going. But the one thing that really gets my goat … food producers adding (and in some cases hiding) extra salt in food.  Why? We are constantly told not to over do the salt, and yet in a recent study, it was found that some shop brought bread contains as much as 6 grams of salt.

Think about it  – take breakfast for instance. You may have some orange juice, maybe cereal, some buttered toast, cup of tea or coffee. If you have time, throw in an egg and a couple of bacon rashers.  A fairly healthy sounding breakfast right?**

  • Orange juice 1 cup per portion contains 0.2g of salt
  • Cornflakes per 40g portion contains 0.4g of salt
  • Butter or spread per 10g portion contains 0.13g of salt
  • Toast per 100g portion contains 1.4g of salt
  • 1 boiled egg with sprinkled seasoning contains 1g of salt
  • Bacon per 40g portion contains 1.75g of salt
  • Tea/Coffee contains between 0.5-0.10g of salt

Congratulations – you have consumed nearly 5 grams of salt just for breakfast!   The recommended daily amount is 6g. Opps! You are already well on your way to exceeding your daily salt allowance before you have gone out the door. Best avoid your workplace lunch then! And you can forget about that mid morning latte!

Honestly, I understand we need salt in our diet, to help preserve food and add favour but this is too much.

I watched the Great British Bake Off on BBC2 last week, where the bread don, aka Paul Hollywood, criticised one of the contestants for using too little salt.  Urvashi Roe used 5 grams for a 500g loaf, Paul recommended 10 grams.  I shreked in horror when I heard that – yes Paul knows his stuff when it comes to baking bread, but 10 grams? It may not sound a lot, but you rarely eat bread on it’s own. So by the time you add your butter, cheese, bacon or whatever filling, half your salt allowance is gone having only consumed one sandwich.

Sadly the contestant was eliminated from the competition.  For sticking to her guns and producing a bread that was to her taste cost her the competition, but it may have saved her and her family’s life!

I’m going to continue making my own bread – it may be time consuming, but hopefully, I am cutting down on my daily salt intake. I erge others to do likewise! If you have any bread recipes, please share them here.  Please check out my recipes and let me know what you think. Here’s one for you to try to start off.  Bread recipe

**Data sources: http://www.actiononsalt.org.uk/ and http://www.dietbites.com


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