Superior Interiors with Kelly Hoppen Review

Hello folks 🙂

Well last night I watched Kelly Hoppen‘s new TV show, and thought over all it was quite good.  Unfortunately it wasn’t the all guns blazing triumph I had hoped it would be.  I found Kelly’s ideas as usual inspiring, and felt I should redesign my space – often a good indicator of a good interior design show.  But, when I compare her show with George Clarke’s efforts, I find that the practical hard building advice rather lacking.

I suppose I was hoping for and expecting more interior design hints and tips.  Building rooms from scratch has already been done, the gap in the TV market is what to do with the space once you have already built it, have big ideas, with a very limited budget.

It took me a little while to ‘get into’ the show, and it wasn’t helped by the over dramatic tone that Ch 5 so often use for their programming.  Yes Kelly Hoppen is an amazing interior designer, so just focus on that. Everything else is gilding the lily. I also feel the timing of this program, in the way it is formatted is not hitting the mark.  In these economically challenged times, we are all looking to make the most of our funds, so a section including best buys, or how to DIY would have made this programme. As it is, it feels little more than an aspirational programme a year or 2 out of date.

Definitely worth watching, and would highly recommend design students to record for reference purposes.  You do get a lot of hints and tips, you just need to over look the ‘drama’.

Here is the link for first episode for UK viewers:

BTW – I so want Kelly’s kitchen! 🙂

Rating 3 out of 5


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