Food Styling at Leiths – Week 1

So here I am, a little bit nervous, but excited as well, as I walk through the front entrance of the famous Leith School of Food and Wine.  I can’t believe having been wait listed from the first session due to over subscription, that the months had flown by and I’m finally here.

Wow – the building looks bigger and more imposing than it seemed on the internet brochure.

The surprisingly all female group of future food stylists sit around a large table, we introduce ourselves and the 7 week course begins in earnest.

By the end of the class I have learnt the following:

1) Do you recall all those TV adverts featuring all the lovely food items from M & S? There is a reason why that chocolate pot doesn’t look quite as good when you heat it up on your microwave at home, as it does on the advert. So you no longer have to blame your cookery skills – it’s not your fault.

2) I don’t tend to eat a lot of microwave meals, and having assisted in trying to make a lasagna look good, I will never bother with them.  Those photos on the front of the packaging bear no resemblance to the contents. Best to make your own!

3) I am very glad my parents taught me to cook.

4) I am happy to learn that the horror stories behind food styling are not true, simply because money is so tight these days, most of the food styled is consumed by the food stylists. Hence to create steam on that ‘freshly baked’ sponge, you don’t need to blow cigarette smoke over it just before the camera clicks.  Just use a good camera. Phew!

5) Donna Hay is my new food hero, have you seen her books? You should check them out. I’m off to the book shop!

I can’t wait till next week 🙂



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