Tip of the day: Keeping mint photo fresh

Mint! The final frontier. The herb that nearly wrecked my food styling photo and brought me close to tears.

I thought I was clever – I took a glass, filled it with tepid water, took the mint out of the packet, selected the best looking ones, trimmed the stalks off at a slant, and placed the mint into my mini vase.  My reasoning, the mint would refresh within a few minutes and I would have photo worthy greenery to add to my ginger themed photo.


So here is a tip kindly donated by photographer Stuart Ovenden, and which I shall pass on to your good selves.  On the positive side for me, I learnt a good tip, and it all turned out ok in the end. Phew!

If transporting herbs or you want to keep fresh for a long as possible, remove them from the plastic packaging, and wrap them in a damp, but not too wet paper towel. The herbs should keep fresh and in good condition for a few hours outside the fridge and a couple of days inside the fridge.

Still, I still don’t think it is right to be stressed out by the humble mint. Chives I can understand, but mint? No way 🙂


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