My top ten tracks of 2011


It has certainly been an interesting year in pop. A few standout gems and a couple of shockers. Here are my musical highlights of 2011.

1. LMFAO “Party Rock Anthem”

At last someone has put back the fun into music.  A dance track that doesnt take itself seriously, a stompingly huge summer hit – what pop music should be. The dance anthem of the decade. Volume on 11 and learn the shuffle.

2. Example “Changed The Way You Kissed Me”

Any other year this would have been my number one track.  Simply superb – volume on 11 and bounce

3. Take That “Love Love”

Who knew Gazza had a deep down and dirty vocal in his rude box? Marky Mark also on lead vocals, always good combo.  All capped off with the 3 tall boys Rob, Jay and Howie looking smokin’ hot.  Perfect harmonies, perfect pop.  Should have been longer, and Howard should have done an extended remix, otherwise it would have been my number 1. Another volume 11 then rock it. (Yes I am a TT fan, can you tell?)

4. Nicki Minaj “Super Bass”

About time we had a female rapper with attitude and originality. Volume on 11

5. Olly Murs feat Rizzle Kicks “Heart Skips a Beat”

I dare you not to at least tap your feet to this.

6. Nicole Scherzinger ft. 50 Cent “Right there”

Music great, lyrics not so much.

7. Jennifer Lopez “Papi”

Music great, lyrics so so, but way better than her previous single.

8. Snoop Dogg vs David Guetta “Sweat”

Music great, beat awesome, lyrics awful, video worse EVA!

9. Alex Gaudino ft Kelly Rowland ‘What A Feeling’

Good collab and great dance track and vocal. Not my favourite ever Kelly track, but pretty much up there

10. Rizzle Kicks “Down with the trumpets”

A brilliant debut, from a fresh act.  Hope these guys stick around for a long time.

Honorable mentions: –

Beyonce “Run The World”

Big up girl power

Wretch 32 feat Josh Kumra “Dont Go”

Cool song

Ed Sheeran “You Need Me I Don’t Need You”

Clever, edgy, cool.

Emeli Sande “Heaven”

Brilliant! I have very high hopes for this fantastic artist.

Will Young “Jealousy”

A welcome return to the charts, and very stylist song and video to boot 🙂

Dappy “No regrets”

You know you like it really! 😉 I’ve high hopes for you Mr Dappy, don’t let me down. You have the ability, just do it.

Wretch 32 ft. Example “Unorthodox”

A simply cool tune

The Wanted “Glad You Came”

Clever lyrics, not ground breaking, but clever in their construction, coupled with a good melody and beat.

DJ Fresh ft. Sian Evans “Louder”

Any other year, this would have been in my top 10. A brilliant track from start to finish.

Chris Brown

When he sticks to the hits as opposed to hitting people, he is actually rather good.

Dishonorable list:-

Lady Gaga

Please! Enough with the meat dresses. You were supposed to be the new and improved Madonna. Vocals and musical ability way exceeds Madge, but when it comes to hype, Madge knows when to stop. Plus she can out dance Gaga any day of the week.


So bored, so very, very bored. Remember the days when an artist would release 3 or 4 tracks a year, not 3 or 4 tracks a week? All of her last efforts were way better as instrumentals! These are not good signs for an artist seeking longevity – oh and wear some clothes woman! For a person who claims she wants to be a voice for young girls, it would be nice if she didn’t dress as a street walker. Having a farmer, a person who has probably seen and done a lot through the course of his work, to kick a pop star off his land isn’t rock and roll cool.

Cher Lloyd

There is NO excuse for Swagger Jagger – none at all.

The Saturdays

The members of this girl group have all got brilliant vocals. ‘All Fired Up’ could have been a brilliant track with some more remixing and half decent lyrics. But no, they spent the money on the on video and not the song. As for ‘My Heart Takes Over’ – argh!!! Why, why, why would anyone in their right mind want to walk over a rocky terrain in the middle of winter (and in the middle of nowhere) in high heels, designer clothes and mini skirts? Image and style over not a lot of substance. I am just left with an overwhelming feeling of disappointment.

Roll on 2012!


Your thoughts and comments are appreciated, please feel free to say hi, and drop a line or 2 :)

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