Make your own butter!

Yes you read that right, make your own butter.  OK so you may think it is a bit of a hassle and it can be a little messy, but having just sampled some homemade butter, I can say without hesitation, it is worth all the effort.

Save your hands and arms by using an electric whisk or mixer. Make sure you have some clean kitchen muslin – you can use strong kitchen paper, but I think muslin is better and slightly more environmentally friendly.  The added bonus of making your own butter  is the by-product, otherwise known as buttermilk which you can use for all sorts of recipes.  2 for the price of 1!

Ingredients: (!)

  •  l litre double cream (don’t use whipping or single, you will just end up with cream!)

and that’s it!


  1. Pour the cream into a large bowl of a food mixer and whisk on medium speed for about 4 minutes until thicken and then on high until the cream separates into solids and liquid. This will take about 5 more minutes.
  2. Place a sieve, lined with muslin, over a large bowl.
  3. Pour the contents of the food mixer bowl into the lined sieve.
  4. After about 1 minute, gather up the corners of the muslin over the curds and twist so that you can squeeze out as much of the liquid as possible. This liquid is the buttermilk. Set the butter milk aside for use for another recipe.
  5. In another bowl half filled with cold water, add the solids and ‘wash it’, to help remove as much of the buttermilk as possible.
  6. Place the solids back into the muslin, gathering up the corners and then squeeze as much liquid out as possible.

You now have butter! Shape then wrap the butter in greaseproof paper then store and use as you would shop purchased butter. I managed to get over a pound of butter and 2 cups of buttermilk. They both taste fantastic, although, it could be because I made it!

Yes I do feel smug! 🙂

The great thing about making your own buter, is that you can control what goes in it. For instance you can add salt, herbs, pepper, spices even alcohol to make say brandy butter. I didn’t add any salt, as I wanted a pure product. But believe me when I say I shall be experimenting.

Oh and if you want to know what to do with the buttermilk, tune in tomorrow for some ideas!


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