On the search for the elusive Japanese Cherry Blossom (Sakura) Extract


This is a plea for help. Spring is coming and having recently learnt how to make sushi (see tomorrow’s post) I now want to make Japanese themed desserts. You can’t get much more Japanese than Cherry Blossoms, but can I find the flavourings? Can I heck! I even tried the Japanese Centre, and they couldn’t help! 😦

Cherry blossoms at Yuyuantan park.
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I have been looking for the following for ages, and ages and ages. If you know of any one who sells the following products, please can you let me know?  Thanks!

  • cherry blossom extract (food grade only please)
  • cherry blossom flakes
  • sweetened cherry blossom paste
  • cherry blossoms in syrup

I promise to post loads of recipes using these ingredients if I ever get hold of some sakura …

Peko Peko Charity Cookbook


12 thoughts on “On the search for the elusive Japanese Cherry Blossom (Sakura) Extract

    1. Hi, Thanks for your reply and the great ideas. Now to find a Sakura cherry tree …Google, please standby 🙂

  1. A friend brought back “Cherry Blossom Sugar” for my husband and I from Japan. It’s lovely stuff and now I’m also searching for extract so that I can make confections and ice cream with it and my husband can try making it into mead and beer. So far, the only source I’ve found, which someone else already mentioned, is Amoretti. Given that with all these projects in mind I’ve got a use for a reasonably large quantity, I don’t have a problem with the idea of ordering their smallest available lot of 2lbs. But if you don’t have a use for that quantity, you might want to see if you can get a bunch of people to split in on the purchase with you.

  2. I had this same issue and eventually found that Amoretti (www.amoretti.com) sells cherry blossom extract. You’ll have to call them up to order it since you can’t do an online purchase.

    Just a heads-up; it’s a strong pro-grade extract geared towards being measured by weight ratio of extract to the compound being flavored. You can do it by volume, but be ready to start at about a quarter of the amount of extract called for and taste-test.

    It’s definitely worth it though!

    1. Thanks for the tip – I will check it out and let you know how I get on. Many, many thanks 🙂

    1. I’ve had a couple of tips, will get back as soon as possible. Thanks for your comment 🙂

  3. I’m in Los Angeles and looking for the very same thing. Not sure where you’re located but if I find any either online or in a store in the US I’ll come back here and let you know. So far everyone I see online who’s been able to get a bottle has friend or relatives in Japan.

    1. Hello,
      First, thanks for your reply! Yes I found that connections in Japan seem to be key in the search for the cherry blossom extract and related products. Second, thanks for your kind offer, and if I find a supplier I will let you know too. Good luck and best wishes 🙂

    1. Yes they are, and apparently are really great as an ingredient in baking. I wish I could visit Japan and see the famous cherry blossoms for myself.

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