The Great Homemade Sourdough Bread Challenge – day 5


Day 5, the final feeding day! I feel a little sad, it’s an end of an era! I have become a little attached to my jar of sourdough culture, almost treating it as a pet. Ridiculous isn’t it 🙂

The mixture has separated again,

but when opening the jar, I’m greeted with a really lovely and fresh yeast scent.

I fed the culture (I really should think about giving it a pet name!) for the last time, and gave the mixture a good stir.

Tomorrow, after 5 days of nurturing my culture, I will tackle the sourdough bread recipe.  I’m nervous, excited and worried. Nervous in case all this work has been for nothing.  Excited because I can’t wait to take my first bite from my own sourdough bread.  Worried, because it surely isn’t healthy to be this emotional about a jar filled with flour and water.  Now if it included a bar of chocolate …

See you tomorrow 🙂


6 thoughts on “The Great Homemade Sourdough Bread Challenge – day 5

  1. I just found your blog- exciting! I’ve had my sourdough starter for….well for a LONG LONG time. It is the best stuff ever! While I’ve never named it, we do have a close relationship. There are lots of sourdough recipes out there, it’s fun to see which ones work best for you. I look forward to pictures! The starter looks good…..

    1. Hello, Thanks for your comments, I’m glad that you don’t think I’m completely daft about my sourdough starter! LOL. I will post the recipe tomorrow, along with plenty of pictures. It’s going to be a long day! And thanks for your comment about the starter, it is very reassuring.

      1. It definitely gets easier, the baking! Every time I do it I’m still a bit frenzied and amazed at the results. I like the recipe in the Tartine Bread book- not so much slapping on a surface to get the gas out. It’ll be fun tomorrow, never fear! Oh, and there IS a good recipe for a CHOCOLATE CHERRY sour dough bread, too…..

      2. Chocolate cherry sourdough bread? Now that sounds amazing! If my baking goes to plan, I shall be after that chocolate cherry recipe 😉

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