Design Trends 2012

According to interior design guru Kelly Hoppen, the colour orange, furniture which looks like luggage and grouped candles will feature heavily in our interiors over the next few months. Check out this article from Real Homes Magazine (link below).


Kelly Hoppen’s interior trends for 2012

If you are looking to transform your decoration scheme this year, then take a look at interior designer and presenter of Channel 5’s Superior Interiors, Kelly Hoppen’s guide to the latest interior trends for 2012.

What’s hot in 2012

Furniture: Old reclaimed wood is coming back. Furniture pieces made with reclaimed wood and finished with lacquer, shiny metals or glass will be ‘must haves’. So, whatever texture is used for part of the piece it will be mixed with the completely opposite texture as part of the finish – it is like ying and yang and a look I will be featuring in my next collection out in the summer.

Stylish luggage inspired furniture is in, so large leather trunks in lighter shades will be used for storage and to brighten up rooms.

Link to Stylish luggage furniture

Fabrics/ upholstery: Texture will be a big focus as people place more importance on comfort so Hungarian and Swedish linen mixed in with silks and velvet, the materials being the complete antithesis of each other, will be used for bed linen and cushion coverings.

Waxed fabrics, rough Swedish linen, toweling and sacking will be used for upholstery to give furniture a contrasting modern and rustic feel. For example, a seat front would be upholstered with a shiny fabric and the back with hessian or sacking, thus highlighting the wood in the chair but with a defined finish.

Windows: Slatted blinds and shutters are in – they look stylish, make it easy to give keep out light and are practical and easy to clean in comparison to curtains which gather a lot of dust.

Link to Stylish window shutters

Wallpaper: We have seen an increase in patterned and textured wallpaper over the past year and interest will keep rising over the next season. Some of the must have prints will include oversized geometric floral and vintage patterns.

Link to Latest wallpaper ideas

Colours: Splashes of pastel pink, emerald green, Italian suit grey and burnt orange will be the shades of next season.

Accessories: Different shaped and sized vases mixed with different types of flowers will soften room settings in a straight and neutral interior.

Clusters of candles will be used in rooms instead of a few lined up candles.

Source: Real Homes Magazine


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