New month, new challenges

Can you believe it is coming up to May already? I have been away from the blogging world lately, but I haven’t been lazy. In fact I have kept writing and planning away, so there will be some backdated posts.  If you are a follower, please don’t be alarmed if you get 4 or 5 posts from me in one day!

For now here is just a glimpse of what I have been planning for May – a month which will entail a lot of designing and sewing.  If like me you are bored of the lack of choice in the clothes shops, them maybe check out my posts over the next few weeks as I dust down my sewing machine and sew up a storm.

For starters, I intend to make this rather lovely bag from Made by Rae  Image(please click here for the details on how to get the free pattern)

It will match a dress I am currently making, as well as coordinating hair accessories.  Yes ladies and gentlemen I’m officially going girly this summer.  The reason being twice in the same day when taking to strangers (a train station officer when seeking directions to a fabric shop and a cafe shop worker when ordering a cup of tea), I was referred to as “Sir”.  OK, so I was in my baggy sports gear, wearing shades, with my hair in a hat, no makeup, looking a tad miserable because it was raining cats, dogs, a few elephants and a couple of rhinos etc – but I’m a ladyee!

Yes this is a fad, probably short lived when it dawns on my how much more effort it takes to apply makeup, style my hair, iron dresses, paint my nails … gosh just thinking about it makes me want to don a pair of comfy combat trousers and my beloved baggy t-shirt and hoodie.  Eek!

I shall be making a whole host of clothing – the fabric and notions have all been purchased and later on today I will be picking down my sewing machine for it’s annual overhaul.  I’m on the look out for simple and if possible free patterns, so if I come across any more gems, I will of course post them here. Please let me know if you have any tips or patterns you wish to share.

I will also be posting more recipes – stayed tuned for further announcements.

I will also be posting photos of my garden design projects, with some brilliant tips for saving money. For instance I have planted up a small, but comprehensive herb garden, for less than the price of a gardening book!

See even when I’m away from wordpress, I’m still a very busy little bee!

Till next time, live, laugh and love as much as you can and then some 🙂


Your thoughts and comments are appreciated, please feel free to say hi, and drop a line or 2 :)

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