My designer style outfit, at a more sensible price


As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am getting more than a little fed up with the ubiquitous clothes stores, selling the same old boringly dull clothes, 90% of which are poorly made, and don’t fit.

One of my favourite sites is Net-a-porter, which I often browse and then receive a sharp reality check when I glance at the prices.  Take this rather fetching little number for example …

The outfit is by Miu Miu, and is described as a white and fuchsia 100% cotton dress with a button through semi-sheer top and checked-print skirt. It should be dry cleaned.

Huh? A cotton dress which should be dry cleaned? Why?

Because the dress costs £850 or the best part of US$1400.

When I recovered from the shock, I started thinking that I could make an outfit relatively similar to this dress, for a fraction of the cost.  I have loads of white cotton shirts, I just need the fabric to make the skirt …

And then low and behold I saw this …

Please don’t tell anyone, but I got this shirt from the menswear department at Primark. I know, I had to put my conscience and ethics aside for this one. The lure of the £7 gingham check shirt was just too overwhelming.  I promise to plant more shrubs in the garden as penance. I can hear my über cool street cred running down the street as I type this post 😦

Now you are probably wondering why on earth did I buy a man’s gingham check shirt when I need to make a skirt. Ah mais amies, I have a cunning plan.  I am going to chop up this shirt and make a skirt, matching head band and bag.

Yes, I am THAT crazy!

It is going to take a bit of planning and an engineering degree on my part, but I will create an outfit which I think will rival Miu Miu’s, and I won’t need to make frequent visits to the dry cleaners or take out a 2nd mortgage to be able to wear it.  Wish me luck.

Details to follow in later posts.


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