Please thank the bees …


The makers of Rowse honey are trying to raise awareness of the importance of the bee.  This is a subject which is very close to my heart.  Without bees, life on earth would rapidly become very difficult to say the least.

So please help raise awareness of the plight of the bee and spread the word.  Write a note of thanks and someone at Rowse with right your message out on a plant label add it to a plant, which they will plant on your behalf.  Check out this site for further details

Here’s mine, why don’t you thank the bees and have Rowse plant something on your behalf? 🙂 Thanks and catch you later 🙂


3 thoughts on “Please thank the bees …

  1. We’ve had such a bee week here! My 4 year old son discovered the joys of ‘The Bee Movie’ so it’s been virtually on loop. We’ve learnt a lot, as a consequence, I read up on them and they are AMAZING little things! 🙂

    1. Hello,
      Yes bees are amazing, glad you think so too 🙂 I have to my shame not seen Bee Movie yet – it’s on my urgent things to do list. Thanks for your comment, hope you don’t get too tired of watching Bee Movie on loop! LOL

      1. Ooh do it soon, it’s really good! Three times it was on today, it keeps him so quiet, best 3 quid I ever spent!! 🙂

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