Gardening, shopping, fashion and an unexpected day off!

Hello all,

The phone rang at 6.45am. I panic. No one ever rings me at that time, (if they know what’s good for them) of morning unless it is an emergency. So, naturally, all sorts of things go through my as yet not fully awake mind.

Not to worry, as my some weird quirk the building where I work is closed due to official strike action and I was informed I shouldn’t go in today. I’m not sure how a public sector strike manages to close down an entire private sector building, but as the information was being relayed to me over the phone, my mind was already elsewhere.

8 free hours! What oh what can I do with 8 free hours. Hmm.

I know – G A R D E N I N G !!!!

So off I went to the garden and lo and behold my very first yellow peony decided today to show it’s full glory.

Isn’t it pretty 🙂

After a 30 minute quick inspection of the other garden plants, I decided as much as I need to get on top of the weeding, the threatening grey clouds soon put paid to that notion.

This is May, right?

Still to be rewarded with that single yellow bloom, from my first ever peony, was more than enough to make me smile today. You can’t ask for more than that.

So, what to do with 7 1/2 hours free hours …

I know B L O G !!!!

Well I do need to catch up and publish the now over 100 posts which are languishing in the drafts folder.

A quick look on the internet and I discovered these little gems –

River Island camel bow detail cloche hat Picture Source: River

I’m into 20s fashion – big style! I once made a flapper dress for a school fancy dress competition and won! Ever since then art deco has always been good for me.  And thanks to movies such as The Artist and the forthcoming remake of the Great Gatsby (I really should get round to watching the original – opps!) 20s fashion is the decade to follow in the style stakes.  That means people, that this year, finally, is going to be my year. I have an excuse to wear my award winning flapper dress again! Horray! Naturally, there will be a few posts on this theme.

I have just ordered this hat which was on sale from £20 down to £7 (I know, bargain or what!), and will take pride of place along side my other cloche 20s style hats. Result!  I will of course be restyling it – I love the ribbon and bow, I’m not too sure about the rhinestones. But at £7, I may find some way of living with it LOL.

And then, if that wasn’t brilliant enough, I came across this

Picture source: River Island sun hat, side view

I have been after this style of hat ever since watching Gossip Girl … I’ll explain

I like this outfit, and when I say like, I mean I L. O. V. E. this outfit.  I immediately sourced and purchased the now famous Captain dress, whilst making up justifications for buying it such as,

  • it’s nearly my Birthday/Christmas/New Years/Easter/Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter etc,
  • it’s a bargain,
  • it’s Navy,
  • it will go with everything,
  • it’s classic….

But in truth, as with most things, the only justification was that I wanted it and was going to get it!

I also adore the hat,

Picture source:

But at over £150, even I couldn’t think of a suitable reason to spend that kind of money for what is effectively a small straw hat.  It is still lovely and I will get it some day, but in the meanwhile the River Island £20 bargain will make do.  I will customise it, and of course will post the results on a later date (yet another draft post to publish, oh dear! LOL)

Just the shoes and the bag to get now.  I had better stop for today, those shoes alone cost 100s!

Right, off to make some potato bread – they don’t call be BusyElle for nothing you know 🙂

Take care!


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