Europe: A time lapse history


I came across this moving time lapse YouTube video, showing the border changes in Europe since 1000.  It’s moving because with most, if not all of the border changes, millions of people died as a result.

Source: Harru no’ stæsj? YouTube

It is a very educational piece – I had no idea that Spain used to be a muslim country nor that the Holy Roman Empire covered most of Germany.  At school we were taught about Kings and Queens, not about the human suffering and the 100’s of conflicts across Europe, which shaped how we all live today.

But what really struck me that there has been so many conflicts and wars over the years, each resulting in millions of deaths, often for just a few yards of land. If nothing else, we should learn from this video, that we must strive for peace with our neighbours. We don’t own the land we live on, we are merely temporary custodians. If we are not aware of our shared global history, we are bound to repeat the mistakes of those who lived, suffered and died before us.


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