Ikea – Pokal mug product review

Image: Ikea.com


I was reading one of my new favourite blogs the other day – Coletterie, which is packed full of tips on sewing and dressmaking. Unusually there was a mention of a product, which made me head straight down to my nearest Ikea store.   That product was the Pokal mug, although it is more of a large glass than a mug, but lets not quibble over that.

The ‘mugs‘ come in 3 milkshake pastel colours – beige, pink and white, or as I prefer to call them milk chocolate, strawberry and milk.

For me, these mugs are strictly a summer time item, where I can sip ice cold, thick milkshakes, from the cool stoneware vessels. At £1.69 each, they are a little pricy for Ikea, but still a good quality product, which has a lovely retro design.  Large enough to use as a vase or for desk storage, but I will use them for my cooling midday drink. Just add a milkshake, a long straw and a deck chair. Oh and some sunshine would be great too!

Would be great if they did other colours, a pale yellow for instance would be ideal, which I would of course rename as ‘vanilla’ :).

Rating 4.5 out of 5

Verdict: A little bit pricy, hopefully the cost will come down during the forthcoming sales, but overall a great item.

Have you been to Ikea recently? What gems have you seen there?  Please feel free to share.


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