Challenge Elle: Colette patterns and rain dodging



It has been a very challenging few weeks, in more ways than one. Weather wise, my poor garden doesn’t know if it is coming or going, and on the odd occasion I manage to dodge the rain showers and stormy gales, I spend my time weeding as opposed to gardening.

Thankfully my legumes and root vegetables appear to have had a sudden boost and are growing away nicely. My courgettes gave up the ghost, but a trip to a garden show will hopefully soon amend that.  Sadly my sweetcorn look very behind and as we near July, I fear they may be a lost cause this season.

But, on the upside the soft fruit plants are in a much more healthier state than they were this time last year. So I guess it is a case of ‘you win some, you lose some’.

For now, as we have somehow managed to pass mid Summer, without actually seeing much sun, my indoor pursuits have taken pole position in my list of challenges.  I have made 3 Sorbetto tops, (details to follow in later post) and my Miu Miu outfit, with matching bag.  I have not had a chance to wear the outfits yet, as I’m still wearing my winter wardrobe!

But I have made an effort for my next series of challenges. The weather so far may be disappointing, but that is no excuse to stop everything and hibernate – well not yet anyway.

To this end, I have decided to join a couple of sewing related challenges:

Yes, I know I’m a bit late with this one – but I am on the band wagon now 🙂 Click here for find out more information from the Colette blog about the Spring/Summer 2012 Palette Challenge, and maybe join in yourself – it’s fun! More on this tomorrow.

OK, I’m a tiny bit late on this one too, but not as late as the palette challenge, and if I put my stakes on, I can easily catch up in time for the parade! Parade? Yes there will be a virtual parade of everyone’s sewing efforts. But before I scare you off, check out the Lucky Lucille blog for more details of this excellent and fun series of sewing challenges.

Right, off to find my stakes! Bye for now.


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