M People at Kew the Music (4th July 2012) – A case of music excellence

Picture Source: mpeople-heathersmall.co.uk/


Picture Source: mpeople-heathersmall.co.uk/

It’s remarkable that some musical acts with limited talent seem to effortlessly reach the heights of fame and fortune, while others languish in the pubs, clubs and dives circuit for years. Thankfully M People created a class of their very own – that of pure music excellence, which has easily stood the test of time. The band proved it yet again during their brilliant, but too brief set at Kew Gardens.ImageImage

It has been a god while since M People, with lead vocalist Heather Small, have taken to the stage, but last night’s gig at Kew the Music was worth the wait. The opening number ‘Renaissance’ got the all ready merry crowd, thanks to support act Chic featuring Nile Rodgers, up onto their dancing feet.

Small’s voice is as powerful and uniquely distinctive as ever, as she belted out classic hit after classic hit ranging from ‘Open up your heart’, ‘Search for the hero’ and ‘Moving on up’.

The hour long set was over way too soon, and left many wondering why on earth were they not invited to perform at the Queen’s Jubilee concert last month. Here’s hoping that it isn’t too long before M People are back on tour where they belong and with a new album to boot.

Rating 4.5 out of 5

The best gig of the year so far, by miles, only it was too short! More please.


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