Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

I found this week’s photo challenge very, well challenging. I couldn’t think of anything that I could photograph that would mean to me ‘free spirit’. As I was pondering what to do, a white butterfly fluttered around me before flying off to a nearby flower. I thought, ‘there’s my idea of ‘free spirit”.

However, butterflies tend to fly around and I couldn’t take a photo I was happy with. So I decided to make this challenge even harder by making my first ever live action film. Steven Spielberg need not worry, this isn’t a blockbuster, but it has opened my eyes to a new medium and while it isn’t a master piece, it was extremely fun to do.

Yes I know strictly speaking this isn’t a photo, but then film is a series of moving images as opposed to a static image … kinda 🙂

So here it is, my first film short. Hope you like it!


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