Colette Anise Sew-a-long: Muslin test ready!



Welcome to the further adventures of my Anise jacket.  Having spent the weekend fretting and trying desperately trying to catch up, today I am finally at the stage where I can cut out my muslin test jacket.

I’m getting myself super organised – look, I even did a mood board for my muslin test. We are going hard core people, we are most certainly not mucking about here.

OK, so you may be thinking, “Why on earth go through all the trouble of creating a mood board, just for a tester jacket?”

Well, it occurred to me that making a tester muslin is not only a very useful exercise to ensure that when it comes to the real thing, I don’t goof it up, but it also creates opportunities.   Most people discard their muslin testers, some reuse them either as fabric patterns as opposed to paper patterns, or recycle them for other projects.  To me it seems a shame to go through all that trouble and not have something tangible at the end.  The advantages for me are, I will have 2 jackets by the end of this adventure.  Plus I need a new a jacket, for when I am digging about in the garden.

Preparing this jacket will also allow me to practice some skills, such as piping work, and making bias binding. Hence, I have decided to add piping at every seam, allowing me to use up some scrap material, which otherwise would have gone to waste. The fabric was already in my stash, purchased at a sale ages ago, so all minimum cost. And if I goof up, no matter, as it is a tester, and if it turns out OK, I will the most stylish gardener in town.

Win win situation, me thinks 🙂

Just to let you know, I omitted the collar, as I don’t have enough denim, and I am making a single-breasted jacket as opposed to double-breasted, as I think it will suit me better.

That’s all for now, see you next time!



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